About Dermatogenetics


'Dermatogenetics' is a newly established special interest group. We aim to develop links between dermatologists with an interest in genetics and geneticists with an interest in dermatology, to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and exchange of ideas in both clinical medicine and research.


Dermatology genetics is a field of active research, with the potential for early application to clinical practice. The use of current DNA sequencing technology offers the promise of identifying genes and genetic mechanisms responsible for many of the dermatological syndromes and signs which remain incompletely understood. The highly ambitious 100K Genome Project, announced by David Cameron in 2012, aims to sequence the entire DNA code of up to 100,000 NHS patients. This will represent a uniquely powerful resource for the research community, including rare disease research in dermatology.

The field of genetic research is moving forward at such a pace that it is difficult to keep up. Dermatogenetics aims to help by providing clinically relevant and up-to-date information for clinical dermatologists as well as those with an academic interest.

Specifically, Dermatogenetics aims to:

  • Improve the recognition and phenotyping of cutaneous manifestations of genetic disorders, by closer working between dermatologists and geneticists.
  • Provide a forum at the annual BSGM to discuss cases that have cutaneous manifestations at a multidisciplinary meeting involving dermatologists, geneticists and scientists.
  • Offer opportunities for the education of specialty trainees in genetics and dermatology via seminars held at the annual BSGM and/or BAD meeting.          

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